Closing Note of Appreciation to Supporters of the Fukushima Indiegogo Campaign

Dear Friends:

The Indiegogo Campaign is coming to a close on January 6, 2014. We wish to thank all those who have visited the Campaign site for your concern, interest, and support. Although the Campaign did not realize its financial targets, we did make progress on several important fronts. Here is a Summary Progress Report and our Action Plan for moving forward.

Progress Report

* Fukushima presents an array of formidable challenges to the world. The first circle contains technical challenges, particularly relating to Reactors 1-4. It is extraordinary that the removal of fuel assemblies in Reactor 4 has thus far proceeded apparently without mishap. TEPCO and the Japanese government deserve credit for this. But we are only at the threshold of this perilous operation. The greatest risk is a M 6+ earthquake, which could topple the spent fuel pool in Reactor 4 or precipitate a criticality in the remaining three. We continue to believe that the Japanese government is dangerously underestimating the consequences of such an earthquake by not collaborating closely with the international community in preparing a Global Emergency Contingency Plan. Our affiliated seismologists continue to believe that the probability of a M 6 + earthquake originating either in Japan or within the Ring of Fire with serious consequences on Reactors 1-4 is extremely high and will occur sometime in 2014.

* Comprehensive Monitoring--One of the startling realizations produced by the Campaign is that the west coast states are not conducting comprehensive monitoring of radiation levels. We have sent a letter to Governor Jerry Brown requesting a meeting and urging him to install such a system which is described in the write up in the Campaign and our last blog. Accurate monitoring is in everyone’s interest. If radiation levels are below regulatory standards, Governor Brown and the public can have peace of mind. If the levels exceed regulatory standards or are recognized to be dangerous at even lower levels (This is quite possible as a regulatory standard is not a guarantee of safety, merely a political compromise), at the least the Governor will be forewarned and in a position to undertake preemptive action. As of this writing Governor Brown has not responded to our request for a meeting.

* Potential Breakthroughs—The Explorers’ Wheel 1.0 we will build is a powerful software program coupled to an imaginative web site. Although the Explorers’ Wheel has not received adequate financial support, notwithstanding, the Indiegogo Campaign has succeeded in raising public consciousness and has identified a number of promising potential solutions that we will continue to vet and to offer to the engineers on the front lines of Fukushima. Some of these potential breakthroughs are described in other parts of the Campaign. They include:

* An innovative entombment strategy proposed by a triple Ph.D. emeritus professor of ocean engineering at MIT.

* Several technologies that will seal the containers currently storing the radioactive waste water.

* A radically different radiation containment strategy. We are currently vetting the product(s) and contracting for a series of independent tests of the extraordinary claims of the inventor. We will continue to provide reports of our progress on our web site.

* Medical Challenges—Fukushima presents medical challenges involving radiation exposure and illness that the international medical community is only beginning to address. At the same time there are increasing numbers of cases, especially of thyroid cancer in young children in Japan; a medical record is being built in the litigation initiated by American service men and women on the US Ronald Reagan who were exposed to radiation in their rescue attempt during the original March 2011 explosion.

* Fukushima presents a stark challenge of how to address, treat, and if possible prevent a whole range of illnesses (including infectious diseases resulting from compromised immune systems) related to greatly increased levels of exposure to radiation among unprecedentedly large populations. As of this writing the Japanese government has not been forthcoming in cooperating with the international medical community.

* Political Developments—The tragedy of Fukushima continues to unfold against the background of poorly conceived national policies both in Japan and the U.S. The clearest example is Japan’s State Secrets Protection Law enacted in December 2013. The new law can be interpreted to criminalize the release by physicians of vital medical data, deemed to be “state secrets,” relating to radiation illnesses of their patients. The enactment of the State Secrets Law undermines almost seventy years of democratic institutions in Japan. Most troubling is the connection of the State Secrets Law with a series of policies being implemented by the Obama Administration without Congressional oversight hearings, predicated on the premise that a rearmed (even nuclear Japan) is the best deterrent against an increasingly hostile China. The situation presents an extraordinary opportunity for courageous and imaginative members of both the Japanese Diet and U.S. Congress to collaborate in holding joint hearings. This would be a historic event. It will attract broad media coverage, develop a joint record, and help to inform both legislative branches of government and the public. The Fukushima Explorers’ Wheel will be a powerful means to educate, engage, and empower the public in connection with these proceedings. 

Explorers Wheel 1.0 Your Personal Roadmap to Health, Longevity & Abundance

* The same platform that will support the Fukushima Explorers’ Wheel will also launch other Explorers’ Wheels for humanity. Because Fukushima presents unprecedented risks to human health and well being, an Explorer’s Wheel focusing on Your Personal Roadmap to Health, Longevity & Abundance is the logical next step. We have a detailed Development Plan in place and our Technical Team is ready to implement. Again the missing ingredient is financing. The Fukushima Explorers Wheel has inspired and will be closely linked to the Health, Longevity & Abundance Wheel.

* Here is the Mission Statement from the Executive Summary—“Our mission is to create an entertaining and affordable multiplatform app that will enable millions of “explorers” in every country of the world to create their own personal roadmap(s) to enhanced health, longevity, and a more abundant life. The Explorers Wheel 1.0 will introduce the best available health-related science and technology of the West deepened by the wisdom and experience of mind, body, and spirit of Eastern and indigenous healing traditions. The Wheel will spin and gain momentum by the stories of thousands and thousands of explorers, for storytelling is how our minds create, process, and transform reality. The Explorers’ Wheel 1.0 will not dispense any form of medical or other advice. Rather, it will simply support explorers on their own personal journeys into health, longevity, and abundance.”

* The Health, Longevity & Abundance Wheel will be the subject of a case study in a massive open online course (MOOC) we will offer in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University in the spring of 2014 on the theme of “Innovation Integration for the 21st Century.”

Next Steps—Although the Indiegogo Campaign is ending, our Campaign to bring sanity, compassion, balance, and intelligence to the challenges of Fukushima is just beginning. Alliances for Discovery will renew its investment in time and energy to uncover scientific and technical breakthroughs, while launching the first of a series of Explorers Wheels that in time will evolve into a “Global Brain for Humanity.” During the next three months we will be carefully and  critically testing and vetting the technology of one of our collaborating scientists who may-- just may-- have a turnkey solution to the horrors of Fukushima. We will continue to keep you informed through regular blogs and Innovation “Alerts.”  In the meantime, we express our continuing deep appreciation for your interest and support, and wish you….. 

A Bountiful, Happy, and Healthy 2014.

Julian Gresser
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Alliances for Discovery