Applying Big Heart™ in Business and Public Life

MISSION: To introduce and explore co-creatively with GeneroCity Capital a body of knowledge and practice called Big Heart™; to beta test and build out a practical road map for its financing and immediate implementation in business and public life.

* To give participants an immediate and direct experience of Big Heart.

* To introduce and explain the energetic and neuro-scientific basis for Big Heart practice.

* To explain why the breakdown of Heart may provide insight into many of world’s most serious problems and a hopeful pathway for their solution.

* To introduce some of the most important practical applications of Big Heart in negotiations, leadership, corporate strategy, organizational change management, and collaborative innovation.

* To introduce a Big Heart ICT platform that can support a wide range of Big Heart™ activities including online learning and training, smart search, corporate audits, diagnoses, and change management, collaborative innovation, gaming and simulation.

* To focus on entrepreneurs and change-makers especially those who are interested in a New Model of Collaboration in the Era of China’s Globalization.

* To set out a marketing plan and financing strategy for the launch of Big Heart™ as a transformational social venture.

STATUS: Most of the core components of the Big Heart™ system are already well developed and waiting integration and effective marketing as a unified product/service offering. They include: 

* Big Heart™ Training Program—This is based on: a. the Boai Yangshin (博爱养心) system for cultivating life force (qi) developed over the past twenty-five years by Master Li Junfeng, now taught by certified teachers in over thirty countries ( . b. the Artful Negotiation and collaborative innovation integration methodologies described by Julian Gresser in Piloting through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind(PTC/EM)(2013) and made available in training programs for a large number of companies during the past twenty years. c. a forthcoming smart book, co-authored by Julian Gresser and Li Junfeng, Big Heart™--Transforming Negotiation and Collaboration with the Power of Qi, which will be designed as a Living Adaptive Multimedia WIKI Book (WIKI LAMB™) and based on an initial “Conversation Among Fifty Friends” outside and inside China.

* Smart Explorer’s Wheel and Big Heart ™ Collaborative Innovation Network Platform—This platform includes the following components among others: Wisdom Expert System (Artful Navigator), smart search and publishing platform ( as demonstrated in PTC/EM), Explorer’s Wheel(illustrated in a story board), Discovery Engine (an integration of the best available technologies of discovery and invention engineering, creative problem solving, and collaborative innovation), Translation Engine (a methodology that will enable creative communication between domain experts and citizen scientists), a Trust Engine (a ranking system embodied in software to determine the degree of reliability of data), and expertise on Big Data and Big Mechanism which can be immediately applied in designing collaborative Big Heart problem solving for complex humanitarian challenges (“wicked problems”) confronting humanity; and finally, a Big Heart Vital Signs Quotient™ Survey to measure the degree of Big Heart core competence and capability within organizations.

* Marketing—To date Alliances for Discovery has developed proposals for the application of the Smart Explorer’s Wheel platform(  in accelerating breakthroughs for: equitable delivery of clean and affordable water, scientific and technical solutions to the Fukushima crisis (, smart creative sustainable resilient cities, treatment and cure of Alzheimer’s, development of high quality, low cost instruments for cataract surgery, longevity and continuous lifelong learning, supporting special contributions of women entrepreneurs and innovators, and a 2nd Renaissance. The Smart Explorer’s Wheel and Collaborative Innovation Network Platform will become the “Brain” for researchers and innovators around the world who are engaged with a new U.S.-China Trade and Innovation Center to be launched in Q1 2015 as the world’s first action-oriented collaborative think tank with China.3

* Strategic Alliances—In addition to its early discussions with GeneroCity Capital, Alliances for Discovery is currently exploring building out its Smart Collaborative Innovation Network Platform with specific application to solving choke points of food security, clean water, and sustainable energy in China (in cooperation with a major think tank in Washington), creating a new collaborative framework with China (in cooperation with the leading center in the U.S. on conflict management) and forming a consortium in collaboration with a major cyber park in Shenzhen, China, which will break the language barrier between English and Chinese.

FINANCING: Alliances for Discovery, a 501©3 non-profit organization is seeking to raise $ 500,000 from Charter Sponsors for the continued build out of the Big Heart platform for initial humanitarian applications. In addition to their gifts being fully tax deductible, Charter Sponsors that contribute $ 50,000 will enjoy the following transferable benefits: a. opportunity to co-create the Big Heart™ platform with direct application to the challenges of their own organization, including audit, diagnoses, and a special customized training program for an initial core Big Heart Team. b. free participation for a year in all Big Heart™ public training events. c. regular briefings on next generation development of the Big Heart™ platform and its applications.

ACTION: To meet at the Mayacamas Ranch on October 14/15 at the generous invitation and hospitality of David Levy, Chairman of GeneroCity Capital ( for a day and evening of exploration, discovery, strategy, and practical implementation.
Contact: Contact: David Levy, Chairman, GeneroCity, 1-415-606-1679;; Julian Gresser, Chairman, Alliances for Discovery; 1-805-563-3226;; William Moulton, Board Member, Alliances for Discovery, 1-415-457-6659;

Profile Li Junfeng

      Li Junfeng achieved initial prominence as the head coach for over 15 years of the Beijing Wushu Team and the National Wushu Team of the People’s Republic of China. Under his leadership in collaboration with his co-coach Wu Bin his teams won over one hundred gold medals and other laurels and brought great honor to the country. During these years he also achieved national fame as a martial arts movie actor and director, starring in a number of best selling movies. Master Li is an innovator of world stature who has made a unique contribution in integrating China’s great martial arts tradition and advanced practices for health and longevity (yangsheng/養生) within a comprehensive body of knowledge and experience based on the principle of unconditional love. (博爱养心) Li Junfeng currently is Chairman of the International Shengzhen Society Foundation and is moving to Santa Barbara in October 2014.During the past twenty-five years he has developed a network of certified teachers in over 30 countries.


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