Unique Funding Proposition (UFP)—Democratizing Global Change Making through GeneroCities

Our goal is to identify, cultivate, and financially support 100 global game changers who by inspiring millions will catalyze progress toward a world of peace, happiness, and abundance for everyone. These 100 game changers will possess three unique and extraordinary powers: 

* Formidable creative/inventive imagination
* An ability to turn inspiration into action through leadership, collaboration, and innovation
* Big Heart™

The MacArthur Foundation recognizes geniuses. Ashoka (https://www.ashoka.org/) supports an elite group of innovators for the public. A missing criterion of selection for this elite corps is what we call “Big Heart”- a constellation of attributes, including wisdom, kindness, generosity, courage, foresight, resilience, compassion, empathy, and love.

The Nobel Laureate in Medicine Albert Szent-Gyorgyi wrote almost fifty years ago that the key to producing truly great discoveries in science is to find uniquely gifted people, support them effectively, and simply allow them to play. (See attached.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Szent-Gy%C3%B6rgyi) What if the process can become more democratic? What if the prodigious creative powers of the human mind combined with frontier technology can at long last be closely aligned with Big Heart? What if these extraordinary powers are actually latent in far more of us than we can even imagine, and we can learn to cultivate them and work effectively together? 

One of the highest and best uses of social media, crowd intelligence, smart search, and crowd financing (including micro-philanthropy) is to provide a new learning platform that will unleash the creative, innovative, and Big Heart potential of millions of average citizens by helping them to learn and easily transmit their discoveries, inventions, and innovations for humanity. The Smart Big Heart Explorer’s Wheel™ we are building in collaboration with GeneroCity will integrate the latest discoveries in neuro and social science, martial arts, meditative and energetic practices with advanced ICT technologies. As virtually all the components are already developed, the Big Heart Explorer’s Wheel can begin to spin within 9-12 months.

First Project: Winning Collaborations--Multi-Media Living Adaptive Book (LAMB™)—Julian Gresser and Master Li Junfeng* are writing a book on how Big Heart can transform the field negotiation and collaboration. It will be published in Q1 2015 as a LAMB in the format of a “Conversation Among Friends” with fifty thought leaders contributing within and outside China. The LAMB will be supported by a smart web site and linked to social media networks. The LAMB itself will learn 24/7 along with its contributors. We will test the methodology by making it available to parties negotiating and seeking to manage more effectively collaborative relationships involving China. 

Profile Li Junfeng

      Li Junfeng achieved initial prominence as the head coach for over 15 years of the Beijing Wushu Team and the National Wushu Team of the People’s Republic of China. Under his leadership in collaboration with his co-coach Wu Bin his teams won over one hundred gold medals and other laurels and brought great honor to the country. During these years he also achieved national fame as a martial arts movie actor and director, starring in a number of best selling movies. Master Li is an innovator of world stature who has made a unique contribution in integrating China’s great martial arts tradition and advanced practices for health and longevity (yangsheng/養生) within a comprehensive body of knowledge and experience based on the principle of unconditional love. (博爱养心) Li Junfeng currently is Chairman of the International Shengzhen Society Foundation and is moving to Santa Barbara in October 2014.During the past twenty-five years he has developed a network of certified teachers in over 30 countries.

Contact: Julian Gresser, Chairman, Alliances for Discovery; 1-805-563-3226;jgresser@aol.com; William Moulton, Board Member, Alliances for Discovery, 1-415-457-6659;wsmoulton1@comcast.net