The Human Connectome Project is mapping the interconnections among neurons in the human brain. Explorers' Wheels are designed to enhance the creative powers of their participants and in theory will stimulate neuronal development. The following notes are designed to suggest the relationship of the Connectome to Explorer's Wheels.

Excerpt from ©Julian Gresser Piloting Through Chaos —The Explorer's Mind —Julian Gresser-(Bridge 21 Publishers, March 2013) All rights reserved: "Will future Explorers Wheels consciously create themselves? As the Explorers' Wheels spin their magic spirals, the Explorer's Intelligent Data Base will become exponentially smarter. Within the next few years optoelectronic computing will be an integral part of the Human Connectome Project, vastly enhancing our capacity to map the human brain and explore mind and consciousness. We will begin to see patterns and potentialities we scarcely imagine today.

What if the system begins to do so on its own, unbidden and uninstructed? Surely it will have this capacity. If our brains can change themselves, in which directions will they take us? How can we influence both our individual brains and the Collective Networked Brain to evolve in ways that will enhance the quotient of human kindness and generosity? Perhaps we can use this awesome power to find an answer to our most basic quest: to find a way, within the next few years, for every person on this anguished planet to realize a happier, more peaceful and bountiful life."

What if we find an answer?

Human Connectome Project

Human Connectome Project

Examples of Explorer's Wheels in Progress—Creative, Smart, Sustainable Cities Explorers' Wheel

What might be the relationship of new creative, smart, and sustainable cities to neurological changes in the brains of their citizens? We know that culture can strongly influence brain development. Here is a summary of the Creative Smart Sustainable Cities Explorer’s Wheel.

TARGET: Within three (3) years to become the “go-to” smart platform for the increasing number of creative, smart, sustainable cities around the world.


  • To build the world’s first smart platform for this rapidly growing gigantic global market.
  • To finance and deploy Alliances for Discovery, an existing 501-3 non-profit organization to pursue educational and research initiatives related to making the world’s cities and their human populations more creative, smarter, and sustainable
  • To develop a financial mechanism to support deserving work in this field
  • To deploy the market pull of creative, smart, sustainable cities to reinforce other Explorer’s Wheels efforts around global water, international education, longevity, disaster prediction, cultural creators, and a 2nd Renaissance


There exists already a congeries of different networks relating to creative, smart, and sustainable cities, but there is no uniform platform to support and to enhance them all. A “creative city” is one which enables its inhabitants to realize their highest potential through continuous personalized life long learning. A “smart city” is one that is based on advanced Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and has the technological capacity to learn on its own. Such a city, in addition to its attractions, would also have advanced eyes and ears to anticipate disasters and risks of all kinds and mount effective emergency responses.
A “sustainable city” is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimizing inputs of energy, water and food, and waste output of heat, air pollution, and producing and returning as much of these public resources to the environment and society as it consumes. There is a virtually unlimited constituency of interests who might benefit from and support an Explorer’s Collaborative Innovation Network (E-COIN), including local governments, finance, entertainment, education, architecture, insurance, planning, electronics, and so forth.
The Initiative can build upon these existing networks and nourish the large numbers of cultural creators around the world who are contributing significantly to the advent of a 2nd Renaissance. The ICT platform will be continuously upgraded by integrating frontier technologies, for example, Human Centric Computing based on opto-electronics.


What if we can predict the next major earthquake with 3 months advance warning and 80% accuracy?

International attorney, inventor, and entrepreneur, Julian Gresser, in cooperation with the UN University in Tokyo and other distinguished educational and research institutions, is launching a Global “Discovery Expedition” to accelerate breakthroughs in the prediction of earthquakes and corresponding emergency response. The Expedition will employ an entirely different model of “Open Collaboration Innovation” which will bring seismologists and other leading domain experts and citizen scientists around the world into a new and constructive dialogue. The Expedition’s Collaborative Innovation Model contrasts sharply with the prevailing paradigm where domain experts converse largely with other domain experts through the narrow lens of their professional specialties.

The Discovery Expedition's Open Collaborative Model has the following elements:

  • Assemble the Discovery Team(s)
  • First Clues: Discover=Uncover; Invent=Find
  • Formulate the 1st Generation “Core Discovery Puzzle (CDP)”
  • Identify and Explore Limiting Assumptions—Find the Fallacy and Cognitive Illusion
  • Democratize the Process by “Translating” the CDP into Metaphors and Stories
  • Enlist Creative Amateurs and Citizen Scientists
  • Personal Explorer’s Wheel so each participant can enhance his or her own powers of discovery and exploration
  • Deploy the Discovery Engine combining discovery engineering, lead user, Triz, and other methodologies
  • Enhance Search, Analysis, and Tracking through Collaborative Business Intelligence Networks (CBINS)
  • Gain Leverage through Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINS) and Open Innovation
  • Devise and Apply a New Model of Intellectual Property (IP)—mixing Creative Commons, “mega-patents” and open innovation strategies
  • Incentive Prizes have been demonstrated to attract top talent
  • Emergency Response which instantly incorporate predictive breakthroughs into practical emergency response measures

An excerpt from © Copyright, Julian Gresser, Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind (Bridge 21 Publishing, English publication: March 2013; Chinese publication, February 2013); All rights reserved.

Other Explorer’s Wheels in Planning:

  • Creative Smart Sustainable Cities Explorers’ Wheel
  • Clean and Affordable Water Wheel
  • Women Explorers’ Wheel
  • Social Entrepreneurs’Wheel
  • Creative Smart Sustainable Cities Explorers’ Wheel
  • Preventable Global Blindness
  • Drug Resistant TB Wheel
  • Longevity & Continuous Life Long Learning
  • National Educational Initiative & Job Creation Wheel
  • China Innovation Wheel
  • Japan Recovery Wheel
  • Innovation Integration in the 21st Century (planned MOOC course with Chinese universities)
  • Global Peace Wheel
  • 2nd Renaissance Wheel