Announcement of Indiegogo Campaign Launch

We have just launched a Campaign on Indiegogo entitled Fukushima/Diablo Canyon: What’s Next?

Our immediate goal is to build a unique “smart” collaborative innovation platform—an Explorers’ Wheel. This smart Explorer’s Wheel will enable us individually and collectively to accelerate public innovations around twin disasters: Fukushima which is an unfolding tragedy before our eyes, and Diablo Canyon which is just waiting to happen.
The most practical immediate breakthrough we can achieve together is to persuade Governor Jerry Brown to install an effective state-wide system of radiation monitoring in California. Today there is none: no comprehensive and effective monitoring of radioactive contamination of California’s coastline; no continuous monitoring of airborne radioactive contamination from Fukushima; no monitoring of radioactivity in our food and water; no effective monitoring of daily releases from Diablo Canyon nuclear facility; and no adequate emergency management plan, linked to comprehensive radiation monitoring, in case an earthquake/tsunami causes a second Fukushima at Diablo Canyon. A base line monitoring system is already available and first installations can begin within the next 1-3 months. Governor Brown has an opportunity to protect the people of California and to develop a state-of-the-art system that can be deployed by other states, Japan, and countries around the world. Reasonable and appropriate transparency is the most effective way to build and restore public trust in government and to reassure citizens during normal conditions. California is already a leader in innovation. Why not innovate around a problem which is of vital importance to all of us?

 In the meantime we will make available a simple radiation monitor which the surfriders of California can use to detect levels of radiation when they are in the water. Surfriders are the "canaries of the ocean" who are the first to feel the brunt if something goes wrong. Why not put their minds at rest that they are safe and secure?

 There is an additional broader humanitarian benefit from constructing this first Smart Explorers’ Wheel. We will build the core of a Universal Explorers’ Platform that can be immediately applied to hundreds of the other urgent closely linked challenges facing the world today: delivering clean and affordable water, new models of universal affordable education, preventing blindness, clean and affordable energy, global peace, creative, smart, and sustainable cities, and many other noble initiatives that can lead each of us to a more abundant life.
We hope you will consider supporting this Campaign. Every contribution, however modest, is deeply appreciated. The Wheel begins to turn with your interest and support.
We view this Campaign very much as a “co-creative” effort. We deeply appreciate your advice, suggestions for follow up, introductions to your friends and contacts, innovations in cyber-marketing and advocacy. Following Idiegogo’s protocols, we are making available many interesting and useful “perks”. Your contributions to Alliances for Discovery a 501©3 non-profit organization are fully tax deductible. Alliances for Discovery is dedicated to research and educational initiatives for humanity. We attach an article that explains its vision-- sadly prophetic for what is happening at Fukushima.
With gratitude for your support,

Julian Gresser
Alliances for Discovery