The following video provides an introduction to the idea of The Explorers' World and A Conversation Among Friends.

An interview with Julian Gresser


StoryJam™ was created by Bob Allen, founder of Ideas Orlando. After 25 years with Disney, Bob and his IDEAS colleagues designed a process to help others create narrative magic. Please visit StoryJam™. Then post your suggestions based on some of the questions on the Explorer’s Wheel for others to begin the dialogue--

Author's Welcome (Download MP3)


Ideas & Threads by Participating Explorers

If you would like to see one of the many possible ways that the Explorers’ World can help you, here’s a story about using technology to bring educational materials to every man, woman, and child on the planet. By creatively using “smart” technology, it is possible to deliver the right material to the right person in that special place at the right time.

To follow how other participating explorers are initiating the dialogue, we will continue to add links on this web site and also on the Explorer’s Wheel page on the above Facebook site.

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